Friendly, Customized Service

We recognize that you have unique needs for your specific camera or duplication. As a friendly small business, you'll get direct access to the people in-the-know.

Camera Repair

We service 35mm film cameras, specializing in older film SLR cameras. We also service all brands and models of digital point and shoot cameras (a camera with a built-in lens) and digital SLR cameras (takes interchangable lenses).

Copying Movies & Videos to DVD

We provide a full range of duplication services, allowing you to store your memories on up-to-date, long-lasting formats. We convert video tape formats to DVD, computer editing of video content, convert 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm movie film to DVD with editing. The beauty in your old video formats fades over time... so archive them on a DVD to preserve your memories for future generations!

Volume Copying & Transfers

After producing a customized CD or DVD, why not send copies to your friends and family? We offer volume copying and transfers for all of our duplication services. Whether you need a handful of copies or five-hundred copies, we've got you covered for all your volume duplication needs.

Other Friendly Services

Providing a comprehensive range of duplication services, we also transfer photos & slides to CD -- or can we create a fully customized slideshow on DVD. Send CDs or DVDs of your cherished memories to your loved ones! It makes a perfect present for any occasion. (Our grandma recommended we send her an update of the family photos for the holidays, and a DVD slideshow with customized music got us a special batch of her cookies.)

Still not enough? We also provide vinyl, reel to reel, and cassette tape archiving to CD! Take those old vinyl records, reels, or cassettes and put them in a lasting, reusable, digital format that won't lose quality over time.


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